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How To Find the Best Domain for Your Website: Tips To Follow

When you create a website, you must select the appropriate domain name for your company. After all, it is one of the first decisions to be made when developing a website. While selecting a domain name may appear to be simple, it can make or break your website. Consider your domain to be the bedrock of your website. It is the first thing people remember about your website, and it distinguishes you from the competition.

Here are some of the advantages of having a good domain name for your business:

Positive Brand Recognition: Choosing the right domain name provides you with instant credibility and builds trust with your customers. Consider this: a domain name like ” ” is far more memorable and understandable.

Increased Site Traffic: A memorable domain that is relevant to your business aids in increasing site traffic. The more distinct your domain name, the easier it will be for people to remember it and find you.

How to Choose the Best Domain for Your Site

Choose the Brandable Domain

Brandable domain names are the best. Consider a brand to be a well-known word or phrase associated with a product or service. A domain name’s purpose is to help people remember your brand.

If you have a catchy phrase in mind for your company, use it as your domain name. You can also come up with domain names that are related to the interests and hobbies of your target audience.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Generally, the shorter your domain name, the better.
This is because a shorter domain is easier to remember and type than a longer one.
Consider : as example it is far easier to type and remember compared to

Use Keywords

Keywords in your domain name make it more searchable.
If your website was “”, this would be considered an exact match domain.

If your website name was “”, this is considered a partial match domain.

A domain name that is specific to your industry will give you more targeted traffic and will help to get you people that are looking for your services.

Choose the right extension

After you’ve decided on a domain name, you’ll need to select a domain name extension.
A domain name extension is the portion of a URL that indicates where the domain name is registered.

The most common choice for Australian businesses is It:

  • shows a business is registered in Australia
  • is trusted by the local market.

Note: To use, you must have a registered Australian business with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Other standard domain name extension are:

  • .com: Short for ‘commercial’. Used by American or international businesses. Suitable for international trade, where trust from the local market is not as relevant
  • .org: Short for ‘organisation’. Not a restricted-use extension, but it’s strongly associated with not-for-profit organisations and is recommended for businesses with this structure
  • .co: Short for ‘company’. Not very commonly used. Not the most recommended choice
  • .biz: Short for ‘business’. Not very commonly used. Not the most recommended choice
  • .net: Short for ‘network’. A business extension that is used by some service providers and technology companies. It’s generally not the first choice for a standard business format
  • .edu: Short for ‘education’. A restricted extension, only available to official education institutions
  • .gov: Short for ‘government’. A restricted extension, only available to official government institutions.

There are also other extension options (for example, .tv), but the renewal costs can be much more expensive than the standard ones mentioned above.

Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers

Although hyphens and numbers can be used in your website’s domain, it is not recommended.
Typing a domain without the hyphen or number is much easier. These additional details make it more difficult for people to remember as well as type your chosen domain name.


When creating a website, you must ensure that you have the correct domain name. Having the right domain can help you get found online, ensure targeted traffic, and help you build your brand. If you already have a domain that you want to keep, you can still change the servers and web hosting to improve performance and security.

If this all sounds too complicated , or you don’t have time to deal with it all, Contact