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Folllow Digibit Media on the socials
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About DigiBit Media

DigiBit Media Helping Shepparton and Goulburn Valley region businesses to do better online.

About our company

DigitBit Media headed by Graeme Martin an avid website manager, host, and maintenance provider. With over 15 years of experience in running and managing websites from a simple HTML site to complex discussion forums and Content management systems such as Wordpress.

Graeme loved nothing more than learning new things and began tinkering with website software in his spare time. Starting off with simple HTML pages. It wasn’t long before he was running several forums on various software packages, one such forum is still active today with 10,000 members and 700,000 posts. This led Graeme down a path to using WordPress for his blog and websites, shortly followed by creating websites for family, friends, and eventually small local businesses, even making webpages for a local councilman and local independent politician.

This experience in running a business, managing thousands of posts and members on forums, gave Graeme the skills and experience he needed to launch DigitBit Media

The goal of DigiBit Media is to provide the best possible online marketing solution for the growth of your businesses. We would like to help you succeed in your business by providing a quality website at an affordable cost, while providing ongoing support to keep your website services up-to-date.

Making Your Business EVOLVE!

We specialise in small local businesses,“mom and pop shops” and start-up companies. It is not the size of you business that matters but the digital footprint you leave. Our process touches on four areas: Researching, Strategising, Innovating and Analysing. The process is critical to our primary objective: To Make Your Business EVOLVE!


We understand there is no one size fits all marketing plan for businesses. To form a concise marketing plan, we first work on getting a full 360-view of our client. Under- standing the client’s company, the industry, and their current marketing strategies Text box item sample content


After a full and thorough review of the client’s vision and objective, we provide the proper marketing strategies to the most effective marketing channels. This will ensure your niche market will be recieving maximum exposure.


With our in-depth analysis, we custom tailor each client’s objective. We see what previous and existing marketing strategies are working and which ones can be improved.


We use the latest platforms across all marketing channels, that are proven to be effective for each unique client. By innovating, each of our clients are remaining market leaders within their industry.