Digibit Media is your Australian based on-request specialised web help for
anything related to Web services.

Stressing that your site is up to date, running properly and hasn’t been hacked?  DigiBit Media provides cost-effective, professional on-request specialised web help to micro and small businesses, from daily backups through to software updates and broken link monitoring, you can trust that your website will be secure and working when you have a DigiBit Media plan.

Small Tasks

Do you want to make some updates done to your website? Perhaps updating text, images? Save your time, let us do it.

Web Development

Do you need custom web development such as adding new features to your website or fixing issues? We will do it in the best way possible. Let us know the details and we will get back to you with an estimate.


Do you want to move your site to another web host? Migrating a site can be an overwhelming task. Don’t worry, we will take care of it in the best way possible.

Speed Optimisation

Do you want your website to load faster? A quick website can improve user experience as well as improve the Organic SEO ranking. We will go the extra mile to make your website load faster and provide you with a detailed report of before and after.

Malware Removal

Did your website got hacked? We will rebuild it with the updated version of the used CMS and do a manual code review to find malware in the code files. We will also setup the recommended web antivirus services that will scan website code preiodically.

Website Design

We focus on delivering websites that are beautifully designed, as well as user-friendly, read for search engine optimization, and provide a great user experience. All our professional web design projects are built with the best CMS (Content Management System) in the world: WordPress.